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Tested For Bioavailability, Sambucus Is Perfect As A Winter Remedy. Learn More! Nature's Way® Sambucus—Comes In Organic, Kid's & Sugar Free—Discover More Today. Fast Active. Responsibly Sourced. Variety Of Forms. Speeds Recovery.

Superior Quality
The elderberries used to make Nature's Way® Sambucus are:

  • The Haschberg variety of elderberries, containing elevated levels of naturally-occurring anthocyanins, a key contributor to the health benefits associated with elderberries.
  • 100% hand-picked and harvested for optimal ripeness.
  • Inspected for quality and frozen on the same day they are picked to ensure freshness.
  • Made into extract without any added chemicals, dyes, or solvents.


Adults and children 4 years of age and older, chew 2 gummies daily.

Natures Way, Sambucus Gummies

SKU: 033674104866
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