Health ON Main - Optima Nutrition   is a locally-owned Health & Wellness Boutique that offers only the highest quality  organic  vitamins & herbs, proteins, healing oils & edibles, essential oils, skin care products, healthy foods,   gifts for well-being...and knowledge.


We  have the privilege of being able to work with the top  local producers:

Seed Geeks


Chef James


Optima Nutrition

Stocked up with the fresh batch of local

All Thing Elderberry


River Hills Harvest

 elderberry jelly option_ Sounds better_

Hillman's Honey

Stocked up with RAW Local honey from Hil

Honeysuckle Acres

hsa - cherry honey.jpg

Avocado Leaf Teas

avocado leaf teas.png

Forest & Meadow


Celula Skin Care


We work hard to keep prices as low as possible.  While we do run special sales, please keep in mind that almost all of our products are ALWAYS on sale and  most  items are regularly  priced well under suggested retail.

Please explore  this site for more information about our store and the products we carry...