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  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS YOU CAN TRUST: Spry cinnamon xylitol toothpaste contains natural, teeth-whitening ingredients like xylitol, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate from coconut oil, and soothing aloe vera. Spry cinnamon xylitol toothpaste also contains natural cinnamon flavor sourced from organic cinnamon oil.
  • TEETH-WHITENING POWER: Xylitol toothpaste can significantly brighten your smile, improve the whiteness of your teeth, and remove surface stains. The silica found in Spry cinnamon xylitol toothpaste is a natural polishing agent that’s been shown to remove surface stains and make teeth many shades whiter.
  • REFRESHING CINNAMON FLAVOR: Spry cinnamon xylitol toothpaste has a natural cinnamon flavor as well as natural sweeteners like xylitol and stevia. Xylitol sourced from non-GMO sources and natural herbal extracts of stevia will make you look forward to brushing. Natural cinnamon flavor is crisp and refreshing.
  • GENTLE, FLUORIDE FREE FORMULA: If you’re allergic to fluoride or if you want a toothpaste for your kids (who might forget to spit out their toothpaste), then fluoride-free xylitol toothpaste is a great option. Spry cinnamon xylitol toothpaste is made from reverse osmosis water as well: the reverse osmosis water purification process removes fluoride.
  • HELPS MOISTURIZE DRY MOUTHES: The xylitol found in Spry’s natural toothpaste can help moisturize dry mouth (xerostomia) by stimulating your mouth’s salivary glands. Brushing with xylitol toothpaste after meals can stimulate salivation, thus also raising your mouth’s pH level and washing plaque away through saliva.

Spry, Cinnamon Toothpaste

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