Premium Grade CBD
is manufactured in the US and contains only premium grade CBD oil. Why is this important? Since CBD oil is classified as a natural product, rigorous testing practices are not yet required by regulators. The methods used to manufacture CBD oil directly affect the safety and quality of products you might buy. That’s why it’s important that you only purchase CBD products from manufacturers that you can trust. LYFEE critically scrutinizes their CBD oil sources…every lot is tested by independent and certified laboratories to ensure the quality and efficacy of the CBD used in all of their products,

Oral Hydration for Dry Mouth
Containing an essential oil complex, avocado oil and aloe, LYFEE has been specially formulated to hydrate, soothe and seal in moisture for a prolonged period to combat extreme dry mouth which may be caused by numerous factors including but not limited to smoking, medical conditions, medicinal side effects and other salivatory gland dysfunctions.

Active Ingredients to Fight Plaque and Bad Breath
In addition to the aforementioned ingredients, LYFEE also contains both xylitol and zinc. Xylitol inhibits plaque development, promotes teeth remineralization and reduces acidity levels in the mouth. It helps to eliminate bad breath by increasing saliva flow which washes away bacteria and makes their environment less hospitable. Zinc works to counteract bad breath by decreasing the number of sulfurous compounds in your breath. Research has shown that regular rinsing with a solution containing zinc can be effective in reducing bad breath for at least 6 months.

LYFEE – CBD Infused Ultra Hydrating Oral Spray & Rinse


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