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Quality and Length of Life are Highly Correlated to Glutathione in the Body Because:

  • Glutathione is used up continuously in the cells as it detoxifies endogenous and exogenous free radicals. Glutathione works from the inside out
  • Glutathione “significantly” slows cellular aging by stopping DNA damage from free radicals — by orchestrating the renewal of all the body's antioxidants.
  • Glutathione helps ensure one's capacity for continuous energy output (i.e. physical and mental activity) —  by quenching mitochondrial free radicals.
  • Glutathione enables higher levels of immune activity — because Glutathione is needed by immune system cells.
  • Glutathione helps one’s skin to stay young and beautiful — by preventing skin damage from free radicals

As a predictive marker of health as you age, your Glutathione levels are tell-tale. It's been proven — if you don't keep your Glutathione levels high, then you can't keep your health high. Read this article showing that the single most important marker or predictor of one's health in people aged 60 to 100+ is Glutathione.

If you don't want to have lung problems such as COPD, keeping your Glutathione levels very high is a hugely important key.

Glutathione plays an important role in a multitude of cellular processes, including cell differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis, and disturbances in GSH homeostasis are involved in the etiology and progression of many human diseases including cancer.

Glutathione from a doctor's perspective - it's the protector of human life, it detoxifies the body, resurrects spent antioxidants, it's low in alcoholics, cigarette smokers, children with autism, people with chronic fatigue syndrome, it's low in people with cardiovascular disease - in short - it's low in people who aren't healthy!

A first step for improving health is to increase Glutathione levels.
Original Glutathione Formula is the most effective way to significantly raise Glutathione fast!

Healthy Drops Glutathione is one of the bodys most powerful detoxifier.  Providing 600 mg of Bioactive highly absorbable glutathione per TBS serving. It can support healthy immune function and can neutralize a broad spectrum of free radicals. With the power of Healthy Drops delivery system our Liposomal Glutathione offers much more rapid and complete uptake than non-liposomal alternatives.

AMAZING ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES: Glutathione (GSH) is Pharmaceutical grade. Glutathione plays an important role in reducing oxidative stress caused by free radicals, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals. Additionally, Glutathione supports immune system and liver health, helps detox the body, supports healthy inflammatory responses, & supports cardiovascular health. *

GOLD STANDARD PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE CHINA-FREE HEALTHYDROPS GLUTATHIONE – Healthydrops Glutathione is a tri-peptide consisting of amino acids glutamate, cysteine, and glycine, found to varying degrees in all cells, tissues, body fluids, and organs. Healthydrops Glutathione is a superior reduced L Glutathione that's clinically shown to increase blood glutathione levels. While other brands use cheaper, Chinese sourced Glutathione, our immune system supplement contains gold standard Healthydrops Glutathione, sourced from the USA.

SUPPORTS IMMUNE FUNCTION, LIVER DETOX & BRAIN HEALTH – Used in clinic's between treatments as an infusion equivalent, this Liposomal Glutathione offers the highest absorption. Aiding the bodys detoxification process, it strengthens the immune system and adrenalin synthesis, offering liver support during illness and times of stress. Critical for maintaining energy levels, focus and concentration, Glutathione also slows the effects of aging and supports brain health.

ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION FROM FREE RADICALS – Glutathione controls the types of bonds formed between proteins and other substances in your body. Known as the bodys “Master Antioxidant” this amino acid helps protect cells from free radicals, toxins and heavy metals. Our antioxidant-rich Glutathione has a naturally strong sulfuric taste. To make it easier to administer daily, 15 ml (about 1 Tablespoon) Healthydrops Glutathione may be mixed with your favorite drink, shake or pomegranate juice

SUPPLEMENTS MADE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS – With 600 mg Glutathione per Tbs and 1,200 mg er oz,  Liposomal Glutathione is vegan friendly, certified non-GMO and contains no gluten, dairy or soy. Our liver support supplement is made in the USA under the strictest GMP standards, as defined and overseen by the FDA. Our stringent Liposomal encapsulation process is done without using added pressure, heat or solvents, and assures the purity and quality that our customers expect.


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