This lightweight, hydrating milky serum helps to repair skin damage and address aging skin concerns. 

It features the exciting new (new to the Western world) ingredient Bakuchiol!  This ingredient has been used in India to successfully repair and renew the skin.  It behaves almost exactly like Retin-A (clinical studies confirm this) but does not cause any skin irritation, redness or flaking!  It is also somewhat photo protective~It can be used during the day!  Interestingly Bakuchiol needs to be hydrolyzed or solubilized to be able to be carried across the stratum corneum, otherwise it won't be able to penetrate.  Celula solubilizes Bakuchiol so that you are getting this wonderful active ingredient.  Also, the amount of Bakuchiol used is clinically significant compared to other brands!

Combined with Centellia Asiatica and Boswellia (two more renowned ingredients from the Indian Subcontinent) it provides additional skin rejuvenating benefits!  It helps repair past skin damage, stimulating type I collagen and quelling inflammation.

The base contains the proprietary penetration enhancers by Celula as well as phospholipids that carry active ingredients across the cell membrane and also jojoba milk and ceramides which strengthen the outer skin layer and help prevent water loss. 

Used for:



Brown spots


Rough texture


Loss of elasticity

Use in the AM or PM after lighter weight serums and under heavier moisturizers.  This provides a nice amount of hydration however, so moisturizer isn't necessary.

No harmful ingredients. Gentle Eco Certified Preservative. 

Celula Plant Renewal Milk


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