We are daily bombarded with free radicals and different forms of cell damaging light (including from our computers and cell phones, i.e. blue light.)  For skin to stay healthy and resist the damaging and accumulate effects of free radicals, it needs daily protection.

The C7 Shield is loaded with vitamin C and 7 serious actives to not only protect your skin, but repair and hydrate it! 

This serum is designed for all skin types including acne-prone.  Utilizing the most superior form of vitamin C to date, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, in the clinical strength indicated for skin repair and collagen synthesis- 7% (a higher amount of this form does not add any benefit and is marketing hype), it also contains powerful antioxidants known for their skin repairing, protecting AND firming benefits! 

Tetrahexyldecyl is 'lipid soluble' and is drawn through the stratum corneum or outer dry layer of skin where most skin care products end up trapped.  And because of its lipid soluble nature, it has an affinity for the skin cell's membrane which require lipid soluble ingredients for easy penetration.


White and rooibos tea help to protect the skin against environmental assault and reduce redness while also protecting it from UV rays.  Rooibos is a tea from the African continent containing some of the highest levels of quercetin and aspalathin (the only plant to contain aspalathin is Rooibos).  Quercetin has a skin protective effect against damage caused by a variety of insults, including UV radiation, histamine, or contact with toxic chemical compounds. Indeed, quercetin is able to reduce redness, itching, and inflammation of damaged skin; it may also help restore skin barrier function, increasing hydration, and reducing water loss.

African Kigellia extract is derived from the 'Sausage Fruit' tree from Africa.  It has been used for centuries to heal, protect and beautify the skin.  It also has the amazing ability to help with firming skin tissue as indicated in clinical trials.

Tamarind extract acts like hyaluronic acid in the skin and actually out-performs hyaluronic due to it's naturally smaller molecular size and easy penetration abilities.  It helps the skin feel 'cushiony' and soft, as well as deeply hydrated!  It also helps reduce PIH (red or brown marks left from damage or acne). 

Griffonia Lysate is a exciting ingredient you won't find many places.  An African plant that contains 5-HTTP which helps the plant to withstand high levels of UV exposure.  When applied to human skin, 5-HTTP helps to prevent cell death.  A unique aspect of Griffonia is a tightening effect on the skin which can be perceived in minutes!  This will not only help shield the skin, but help redefine the contours!

The benefits to these ingredients can only be achieved by ensuring that they are reaching levels where they will be utilized.  DMI (dimethyl isosorbide derived from non-GMO corn) is used for this purpose as it is a safe 'propellent'  and pushes ingredients quickly through the skin.  It is known to help active ingredients be delivered safely without any undue irritation.

The base of this luscious  serum is formulated in an aloe water and contains phospholipids which have natural skin benefits and also aids in penetration of actives, acting as a carrier. 

The PH is lower, close to the skin's natural PH, which is best for absorption and skin health!

This serum is designed for EVERY skin type as it's specific ingredients will benefit all of the different issues regarding environmental assault.  It is non-greasy, absorbs well and gives a satiny glow to the skin!

Safe, Eco certified preservative.


Used For:


UV/UA/Blue light protection

Cell protection


Collagen Synthesis


Use in the AM after cleansing and before sunscreen.  

No harmful ingredients. Gentle Eco Certified Preservative.


Clinical trials on ingredients:


Celula C7 Serum


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