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Dr Oz: White Kidney Bean Extract Block Carbs From Being Absorbed


Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosters

Dr Oz’s show on Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters mentioned L-Carnitine, Raspberry Ketone, Konjac Root Fiber and an Unworkout Workout as ways to boost your metabolism.  But Doctor Oz saved White Kidney Bean Extract for its own segment because he said it was one of his favorite Fat Busters!  Lisa Lynn said that taking White Kidney Bean Extract is not the green light to eat anything that you want, but we live in a real world where people want to eat carbs and this supplement prevents carbs from being broken down into sugars in your body.

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract

Doctor Oz showed an animation of what happens normally when you eat food.  It goes down into your stomach and you digest it.  If it is a carb, your body digests it into sugar which goes straight into your bloodstream and gets deposited as fat.  However, if you take White Kidney Bean Extract, it paralyzes the enzyme in your stomach that turns the starch into sugar, and so your body does not absorb it.

Dr Oz asked Lisa Lynn why we have not heard about White Bean Extract Supplements before, and she said that some of the best supplements simply are not marketed as well as some of the less effective options.  Some of the best kept secrets are not the new “hot” supplements, but she said that White Kidney Bean Extract is safe, effective and works to block carbs from being absorbed into your body.

Dr Oz: White Kidney Bean Extract

Dr Oz said that you should take White Kidney Bean Extract before meals where you will eat a starch or carb.  You can eat white kidney beans, but Lisa Lynn said that you would have to eat A LOT of white beans in order to get the same amount of benefit as you get from the extract found in one pill.

Doctor Oz brought up a good point, which is that the recommended a total of 5 Metabolism Busters (click here to read the first four: Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters), but should we really do all five at once?  Lisa Lynn said to pick one and try it for a week or even a month before adding another one, otherwise you will never really know what is working for you and what is not.  So which are you going to try first: White Kidney Bean Extract, Konjac Root Fiber, Raspberry Ketone or L-Carnitine?  Please leave your initial thoughts and share your experiences in the comment section below!

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